newyork1_2Travel insurance is something you should take with you whether you are heading abroad for business for a short time or a longer period for a conference or event. We all hope nothing bad will happen, but you should always consider getting travel insurance in case it does.

Getting ill when you are abroad is not only inconvenient, it can be extremely costly, with the average medical bill reaching £914 according to figures from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. But even being treated for something seemingly minor – a stomach bug or infection – in California with medical repatriation costs can reach a shockingly high £100,000.

Your EHIC card will cover medical costs in the EEA countries and Switzerland, but will not cover medical repatriation. Bear in mind too, travel insurance covers much more than your medical care while you are overseas – cancelled flights, cancelled trips, lost luggage, wallets and passports can all be covered on travel insurance, so it really is something you should not travel without.

Until we know exactly what Britain’s position will be post Brexit, there is no way of knowing if your EHIC card will still cover you, but for now while we are still in the EU and certainly until the final negotiations on our divorce from it are finalised, the EHIC card will provide medical care in state-run facilities in the relevant countries. But if you need specialist care, it may not be available through EHIC, so this is where travel insurance will pick up the tab.