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Privacy Policy


1. You will only need to register with The Business Powerhouse if you wish to sign up for our newsletters. If you choose to do this, you will need to give us your email address. The only other time we will ask for your email address is when you register a question in our “Ask the Experts” section if and when it is available.


2. We will always do our best to ensure any information you send to us is secure using any appropriate means we have at our disposal. However, it is not always possible to guarantee the security of information sent to websites because there are people and organisations who attempt to steal such information. There are risks associated with giving information to any website or when dealing online, and you agree to accept these risks and by using our site you agree that you do not hold us liable for any loss resulting from a breach in our security.

Changes to this privacy policy

3. We may need to change the terms of this policy from time to time, and as and when this happens your continued use of the site will confer your agreement to any new or changed terms added. The terms will be relevant from the day they are posted.

Updated: 4.12.15