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Business Mobiles – The Lowdown

Having a business mobile has many benefits, whether your company has several members of staff or you are self-employed. So, if you are considering getting a new plan for you or your workers, a business mobile could be the way to go.

Why is it worth having a business mobile contract?

One of the main advantages with a business phone is you can enjoy better customer service support and resources. As service providers know how important your mobile is to your livelihood, they are more readily available to assist you with any problems, and can send you a replacement or substitute phone straight away.

There is also a tax benefit with having a business phone, as you are able to claim the monthly rental fee, as well as any extra charges, as a company expense on your tax return. If you do this with your personal mobile, it would be hard to determine what percentage of calls you made or data you used was for your business or for personal use. Therefore, you might find it harder to claim your mobile charges as company expenditures.

Other benefits of business mobiles 

There are many other advantages to having a business price plan, but these vary greatly from one phone provider to the next. Here are just a few you might be able to enjoy:

  • A greater amount of data included in your plan – This will allow you to respond to emails, go on the internet and download documents without incurring high charges.
  • Improved coverage – As providers know businesses need to be accessible wherever they are in the world, business plans often have 4G and better phone and internet connections.
  • Check coverage for important locations – Some companies can even check whether their network has good coverage in locations they tend to operate.
  • Share a price plan with multiple phones – This can often result in better deals and allows you to give several members of staff their own phones.
  • Unlimited calls between employees – Some providers also allow you to have free, unlimited calls between those sharing a phone plan so employees can talk to each other without racking up hefty charges.
  • Access to the best business apps – These include document sharing devices, Microsoft Office 365 and internet security apps to protect your documents from viruses.
  • Flexible contracts – You might find your contracts are more flexible on a business plan, allowing you to upgrade your device in the middle of the contract, unlike with personal phones.

While you might have to pay a bit more for a business mobile, the benefits outweigh this, especially as you are able to have immediate continuity with your phone coverage should something happen to your device.

Finding the best deal

Finding the best business phone deal is much like looking for a personal one. It involves a lot of research and talking directly with the service provider.

You could find they are able to offer you a better package than advertised on their website by discussing your requirements, adding more phones to the deals or more minutes to the tariff.

They will also be able to provide you with specialist information, allowing you to compare their offers with other mobile phone networks until you find the best deal for you.

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