Choosing the best way to book hotels for your business

When running a business, you might find you and your employees need to travel a lot for work, which means constantly booking hotels for overnight trips and conferences. The more frequently you do this, the more difficult it can be to arrange the bookings and manage the expenses.

That is why there are several solutions to make reserving business accommodation easier. Read on to find out more.

Search yourself

For small companies that do not require their staff to travel a lot, it may seem easier to just book accommodation as and when you need it – just as you would for a holiday.

However, this becomes complicated when several members of staff have to stay overnight regularly, you have to make several payments per month to different hotels, and provide expense claims for multiple trips.

Use a business hotel search aggregator

Just as there are for personal holidays, you can find online search aggregators that look specifically for business hotels catering for corporate travellers.

Firstly, this guarantees the hotel you book will be appropriate for your staff. For example, it will be situated in the centre of town or the financial district, will provide breakfast, allow them to use the phone and Wifi, have a gym, and may offer complimentary newspapers to each guest.

Secondly, some search aggregators allow companies to set up an account with them, providing access to a number of benefits you would not obtain if you booked independently.

These include:

  • Your bookings are managed in one place online, making it easier to keep track of payments.
  • Some supply reports so clients can easily review company spending.
  • You can store a contact list of hotels you have used in the past to make booking easier.
  • Other business travellers can recommend hotels so you can be confident you will find appropriate accommodation for your staff.
  • By having access to affiliated hotels all over the world, you can quickly find the hotel you want and making booking a lot faster.

Use a business travel agent

The alternative to using a corporate-related search aggregator is hiring the services of a business travel agent. By doing this you can benefit from your agent’s years of experience, which may make for a smoother and easier booking procedure.

They search for the right accommodation for your employees’ or clients’ needs, provide online management of reservations, supply payment reports so you can easily assess your travel expenditure, and allow you to pay via monthly invoices instead of for individual hotel rooms, which will simplify payments for your accounts team.

Agents can also negotiate savings, offer preferential room rates and exclusive offers such as upgrades, so if you are a frequent hotel booker, this is a serious option to consider.

Set up a business account at a hotel chain

For those whose staff tends to travel to the same location or frequently book with the same hotel chain, it could be worth setting up an account with them. As you know you will arrange accommodation at the same establishment, this makes booking a lot easier, while you can take advantage of the benefits that comes with being an account holder.

For instance, you can provide cards for your employees to keep track of expenses, you can enjoy parking or taxi discounts, access exclusive hotel offers and keep track of bookings online.

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