Everything you need to know about airport transfers

Whether you have clients coming to the country for a meeting or you or employees have to head abroad for business, you will need to think about booking airport transfers.

Different types of airport travel

There are many ways to travel from the airport to your destination, just as there are if you head abroad on holiday. However, when it comes to business travel, you might want to consider some alternatives that could boost your corporate reputation or impress a client.

Public transport

While most often the cheapest method of travel, taking public transport can be very time-consuming, meaning you have less time to spend in the destination or arrive late to a meeting. If you are unfamiliar with the location, you could also risk getting lost, adding even more time to your travel.


Airport transfer companies offer the choice of shared shuttle buses or private transfers, with minibuses being the cheapest method of travel out of the two.

However, unless you have a large party, they will probably have to share with other passengers. This means the bus will stop at several locations, adding time to the journey.

Private transfers

Booking a private transfer is the most comfortable and quickest method of travel, and is often very welcome after a long flight.

There are many options when it comes to private transfers, and you can book either a minibus for large groups, a smart-looking car, or a luxury vehicle if you are really trying to impress a client.

Luxury vehicles

Limousines or executive cars can be booked to pick or drop off people at the airport. These chauffeur-driven vehicles offer an air of luxury and a high level of comfort, so are ideal if you are arranging travel for an important, high-profile client.

These luxury cars give your firm a reputation for offering a good service, as well as impress the client who may go on to do more business with your company.

The advantages of a private transfer

Whether you opt for a minibus, car or luxury vehicle, there are many benefits of booking a private transfer.

  • The chauffeur usually waits at the arrival gate carrying a sign with the passenger’s name, so they receive a door-to-door service.
  • Private transfers often come with satellite navigation systems with travel management functions, informing them of any disruptions so there is less of a chance of missing the flight.
  • Businesses benefit from getting support from its client service team, telling them when the client has been picked up and offering a live tracking system on vehicles. 

Is the expense of hiring a private transfer worth it?

 While private transfers seem more costly than shared transfers or public transport, they can work out more cost-effective in the long run.

For a start, taxis often charge an inflated price when travelling to or from airports, so you can end up paying more than you thought.

Additionally, by arranging a private transfer in advance, you can search around for the best price.

There is also the added value of boosting your company’s reputation among clients, which may lead to more work in the future.

What’s more, by cutting down on travel time, your employees or clients could attend more meetings or work longer, which could mean they do not have to fly again, saving money on future travel expenses.

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