Ali Steed sitting down hrAlison Steed – Founder of The Business Powerhouse

Alison is a regular commentator on Sky News and is the journalist behind the first five series of the Channel 4 prime time money-saving show Superscrimpers – Waste Not Want Not.

She is a well-respected commentator on finance issues, and has won eight awards for her writing, including Personal Finance Journalist of the Year from the Association of British Insurers four times in a row.

She started her career in 1997 at Professional Pensions, the leading weekly newspaper for the UK occupational pensions industry. She then went to Financial Adviser magazine for two years, first as features writer, later as features editor. From 2000-06 she wrote about personal finance for the Daily Telegraph, becoming Deputy Personal Finance Editor in 2004.

After going freelance in 2006, she has continued to maintain a notable presence in the national press, writing for The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, the Daily and Sunday Express and The Sun.

She has a degree in journalism from the London College of Printing and Distributive Trades.

Alison is the editor of The Business Powerhouse.


Liz KingLiz King – Site Manager

Liz is a former private investigator, specialising in insurance fraud, and now works as a freelance finance journalist.

She has also written for The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Daily and Sunday Express, The Times and The Sun.

She is writing copy for The Business Powerhouse, as well as handling the picture and video editing on the site.